The camaraderie and support that I received was a huge part of my recovery. I was dealing with a period of depression that was affecting every part of my life. While attending Mood Active classes, I began feeling stronger physically but also, emotionally. I was better able to make decisions and feel more confident. Cam and the Mood Active team are highly knowledgeable about depression and mood disorders – I could not have gotten through that extremely difficult time of my life without them


I’ve really enjoyed getting back into a regular fitness routine and don’t think I could have done it without Mood Active. I now have several exercise options closer to home so I’ve decided to take a break from the program, but it’s been great getting back into fitness and meeting people who face similar challenges to mine.


Cam, I can bang on forever about Mood Active helping me take control of my mental illness. And the more classes I attend the more aware I am of the role of exercise, so even now new stuff pops into my head as to the benefits of the program! I can honestly say a turning point in my recovery was finding Mood Active. Having you welcome me and everyone else with respect and dignity was probably the most important thing for me… I’ve since delighted in watching other people come through Mood Active too, getting stronger within themselves and re-investing in life… Now when I train on my own, on days when it’s not so easy, I recite your words “anyone can do it when it’s easy – can I do it when it’s not?” Thank you for all the light and fun you’ve brought to my recovery. I’ll be forever grateful for your help and support.



I was diagnosed with post-natal depression after my second child was born and I was looking for a program that would target depression through exercise. Initially I felt nervous and “exposed”, but soon I felt comfortable thanks to the inclusive and supportive attitude of the trainers and other participants. Regular exercise sessions made a big impact on my mood and helped build my self-esteem as well. Joining Mood Active was the best decision I made for my mental health wellbeing.


Note: Andrea completed a Tennis Australia workshop in Sept 2015; she is now an accredited coach and runs Mood Active classes.
Over the past 12 months, Mood Active has helped me with my recovery from severe depression and anxiety related to PTSD. Not only do I feel better mentally, but I am also physically healthier and have gained confidence in myself. A big thanks to Cameron and the Mood Active team for their support and professionalism.


Joining Mood Active is the best thing to happen during my recovery from mental illness, especially as the people and the trainers are understanding and supportive – and they have great social exercise classes with friendly people!


Especially in the midst of tough times battling bi-polar depression, I’ve relied on exercise to lift my mood and reduce anxiety. Whether it's running a few beach laps with my best mate, an hour on the tennis court or in the gym, a game of touch footy, squash, a yoga session, or just biking from A to B, it's been my always-reliable stick for chasing away the Black Dog. It still is today.
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Cameron Wilson is the Operations Manager of Mood Active.

My name is Jon and I'm living with depression – sounds like a 12-step meeting or group therapy doesn't it? I was diagnosed last year with clinical depression. I wouldn't get out of bed, had insomnia, racing thoughts, lost my appetite (and 15kg). I couldn't face work, I couldn't go to a shopping centre, and a gym was just too busy & noisy. My self-esteem & sense of worth were at an all-time low. I started on medications that were giving me fuzziness in the head, lethargy & shakiness. I was seeing my GP, psychologist and psychiatrist weekly but not feeling better. So I started to trawl the internet for help. There were websites offering advice about diet, sleep and exercise, but I couldn't absorb information that I didn't have the motivation to act on by myself anyway. At one stage I was referred for admission to a mental health clinic (which completely freaked me out), but I decided to join one of their day groups, and that's where I picked up a Mood Active flyer.

I started with cardio tennis, and once I found that exercise was a key to my recovery, I started attending circuit fitness and yoga classes as well. The main motivators for attending Mood Active sessions for me have been:

  • knowing there are others there with problems similar to mine
  • having a reason to get out of bed
  • it’s cathartic being able to discuss symptoms & treatments with others
  • the tennis drills & games keep my mind from ruminating
  • during a class I notice my mood lifting
  • afterwards I feel good that I have made the effort & accomplished something for myself

I believe there should be more funding for physical therapies like cardio exercise and yoga, and these should be linked to mental health websites so those in need can access them more readily. I hope this is something that will happen in the near future.


Note: as well as returning to full-time work, Jon passed his Tennis Australia coach certification course in Sept 2014; he now runs Mood Active cardio tennis classes.