Our Support Crew

Our Committee - Exercise Treatment for Depression & Anxiety

Cameron Wilson

Relationships Manager
Cam is the co-founder of Mood Active and as the program's Operations Manager, oversees our exercise classes. Cam is himself a qualified tennis coach and a freelance journalist, who has battled bipolar depression since his late teens. He has decades of lived experience using exercise to boost his own mental health.
Our Committee - Exercise Treatment for Depression & Anxiety

Tania Curley

General Manager
Tania has been with Mood Active since 2013 working as a volunteer Events and Marketing Manager and then Funding and Sponsorship Manager. Tania is now the General Manager of Mood Active and also work full time as the Team Leader - Leadership and Corporate Delivery Services TfNSW. Tania holds a Masters in Coaching Psychology, Masters in Strategy HRM and a BA in Tourism Management
Our Support Crew - Exercise Treatment for Depression & Anxiety

David Gilfillan

Advising Psychologist
David was formerly Senior Clinical Psychologist at Sydney’s Black Dog Institute (2007-2012), David has over thirty years of international experience treating mood disorders. Now in private practice, David provides clinical advice to Mood Active in relation to the program and participants.
Our Support Crew - Exercise Treatment for Depression & Anxiety

Michael Lau

Michael is an experienced data and analytics professional who has worked in senior management roles across many different private and public sector industries. He is well versed in the valuable role that data-driven insights can play in helping shape programs that enhance the well-being of others. Michael is Mood Active's Volunteer Data Wrangler.
Our Support Crew - Exercise Treatment for Depression & Anxiety

Samantha Brackley

IT Manager
Samantha Brackley is Mood Active's volunteer IT Manager. With a background delivering technology solutions for almost a decade, Samantha brings a wealth of experience to Mood Active. She champions a customer-first culture and is incredibly passionate about making a difference to people’s lives. Samantha has experienced first-hand the positive impact that exercise can have on minimising the symptoms of mood disorders. And in her spare time, likes to balance her tech-led lifestyle with physical activity in the form of dancing, yoga and HIIT training.
jenny carleton - Our Support Crew

Jenny Carleton

Program Manager
Over the last twenty years Jenny Carleton has worked in a broad range of community sector organisations, in roles ranging from HIV/AIDS care & support to community housing policy to homebirth advocacy. Jenny's family history of mental health issues and her love of yoga made Mood Acitve's role as Program Coordinator a natural fit.
adrian yang - Our Support Crew

Adrian Yang

IT Manager
Adrian brings over 22 years of Information Technology experiences to Mood Active, volunteering as an IT Manager. He is also an enthusiast in sports including running, hiking/trekking, road bike and golf (his handcap requires improvement though).
natasha hatcher - Our Support Crew

Natasha Hatcher

Referrals Manager
Natasha works as the volunteer Referrals Manager for Mood Active and is a student at the University of Sydney with majors in marketing and psychology. An aspiring psychologist, Natasha is passionate about mental health awareness and removing the stigma attached to it.