How to Refer

How to Refer

Step 1: Check. Is your client eligible?

  • over 18 years old
  • diagnosed by a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist with a mood disorder
  • not experiencing psychosis, symptoms of Schizophrenia or at risk of self-harm

Note: To discuss a particular client, please call Referrals Manager on 0412 190 842

Step 2: Is the program suitable?

  • our program is evidence-based, participants are required to attend three classes weekly for at least eight weeks
  • tailored to each person's fitness level
  • mood functionality & mental health well-being measured pre- and post-program – we use the DASS and RDQ questionnaires
  • cardio fitness measured pre- and post-program – blood pressure, resting heart rate, beep test
  • qualified instructors who have empathy/understanding for those dealing with depression/anxiety
  • max class participants 8 people – enables personalised attention for each person
  • class locations and times are limited click here.
  • the program is low cost, and we have a (limited) number of funded places available too.

Note: we are not currently Medicare funded. However, we are looking to become NDIS accredited in 2018.

Step 3: Contact our Referrals Manager to set up a time for your client
Contact us on 0412 190 842 or email.