How to Join

How to Join

Our 8 week program is similar to that of any other prescribed treatment option. Just like taking medication, it is important to stick with the dosage prescribed. The program is evidence based, so we request that you do 3 exercise classes weekly for a minimum of 8 weeks. We also know that it can be tough getting motivated, so we provide the additional support required both within and between classes to get you through.
To join the program, the following requirements must be met:
  • over 18 years old
  • diagnosed by a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist with a mood disorder - depression, anxiety, PTSD, post-natal depression, bi-polar
  • not experiencing psychosis, symptoms of Schizophrenia or at risk of self-harm

What's next?

  • An initial phone chat with our Client Support Officer to see if the program suits your needs
  • If you would like to become a participant we will then require a support letter, email or phone call from a GP, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counsellor or Case Manager, supporting your participation in the program
  • A mood and fitness check will be conducted at the beginning and end of your program. For mood we use the DASS and RDQ questionnaire, while for fitness we check blood pressure, resting heart rate and undertake a beep test. You get to see these results and the progress you have made.
  • Attending three small group exercise classes weekly for a minimum of 8 weeks - cardio tennis (click to find out more), yoga, gym circuit, walking. You select this weekly and you can change times, days and class types to keep it interesting. We keep class sizes small so we can give you added support.
  • Our trainers and Client Support Officer provide additional support to help you with any challenges you are facing as your go through the program. This includes phone chats, text, face to face chats and sometimes our Client Support Officer coming down to class with you. Our trainers also modify class design to help support you.
  • Classes are closed to the general public and only those diagnosed can attend (and on occasion nominated support people). A maximum of 8 people can attend each class only. This allows a supportive environment where you are with others going through a similar experience. We find that this tends to build camaraderie.
  • At the end of the program social membership and casual class attendance is available at a low cost

If you have read through the above and you want to join or you are unsure and want to trial a class for free, give our Client Support Officer a call on 0412190842 or email us at [email protected]

Note: we are not currently Medicare funded. However, we are looking to become NDIS accredited in 2018.