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Clubs NSW and City of Sydney Grants now filled

Please note that all City of Sydney and Club NSW places are now filled. Mood Active is currently seeking new funded places as at March 2018.

There are still paid options available and our program is aimed at low cost to assist with affordability. For example, concession costs are as low at just $25 per week – that’s less than $9 per class!

For more information on payment options please click here.

Take The First Step

If you need help coping with any form of Depression or Anxiety, please contact us on 0412 190 842 or click the button to message us to see if you qualify. Lets have a friendly chat about how our free funded exercise programs could benefit you today.

Eligibility & Our Sponsors

Eligibility & Our Sponsors

Thanks to the support of  City of Sydney and The Juniors Kingsford we are now offering two grant funded programs.

Our programs are eight weeks long, where participants are encouraged to complete 3 classes per week. Our classes are 60 minutes long, and you can choose from either cardio tennis, yoga, circuit or Pilates.

City of Sydney Grant Funded Places

City of Sydney - Exercise Treatment for Depression & Anxiety

The Juniors, Kingsford NSW Clubs GRANT Funded Places

The Juniors - Exercise Treatment for Depression & Anxiety