What kind of entity is Mood Active?

Mood Active is an association registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ACNC). ABN: 89 374 919 389


How is Mood Active managed?

The committee is currently made up of six people with expertise in group exercise, psychology research, media & communications, events and finance.

Will my personal information remain confidential?

Yes. Information on all our participant assessment forms is protected by our constitution and we have procedures to ensure its confidentiality. We will only follow-up with your referring GP or psychologist/counsellor if you are happy for us to do so.


If I make a donation is it tax deductible?

Yes. Mood Active is endorsed by the ATO for Deductible Gift Recipient Status (DGR).

Is Mood Active licensed for fundraising activities?

Yes. Cert no. CFN 23385.

Does Mood Active get its financials audited?

Yes. Our financial reports are audited annually by Sea Change Accounting.

Does Mood Active have procedures for handling cash & expenses?

Yes. We have transparent authorisation procedures in place for all expenses and payments.

Is the Mood Active association insured?

Yes. Public liability & professional indemnity insurance. Lloyds Policy no. GL2372 and AL0063


Where does Mood Active get its funds from?

Program contributions from participants; donations/sponsorship (private & corporate); our own fund-raising events.

How can I contribute?

You can help us to keep Mood Active classes going by making a donation, either to our bank account or via PayPal - keep your tax deductible receipt!


How do I join?

Email us or phone our Client Support Officer on 0412 190 842; our referral procedure is informal, although it does help us to know of your referrer (GP, psychiatrist, psychologist, community mental health centre etc) if any.

How much does the program cost?

$25 per week ($25 concession - students, unemployed and those on low incomes) and $10 casual rate for people who have completed the 8-week program and want to continue on as casuals. Payments are made via EFT to our bank account.

What is the enrollment/assessment procedure?

We use the DASS (Depression, Anxiety & Stress Scales) and RDQ (Remission from Depression Questionnaire) and a depression symptom checklist to assess mood functionality of each participant when they join. We also do a simple cardiovascular fitness assessment. Both are repeated after 8 weeks attending 3 classes per week.

Can I attend on a casual basis?

No. While it is expected that participants’ class schedules will vary from week to week, we do ask each person to attend three classes per week for a minimum of eight weeks.

Can I continue to attend classes beyond the 8 weeks?

Yes. We assist participants to transition to other exercise environments, but all are welcome to attend Mood Active classes after their 8-week re-assessment.

Are the exercise trainers certified?

Yes. Whether yoga, circuit fitness or cardio tennis, all our trainers are fully accredited, insured and First Aid certified.

Is there any medical or psychological intervention offered by Mood Active?

No, we just run group exercise classes. All our trainers and committee members do however have an interest in and commitment to exercise as an invaluable therapy option for treating depression and other mood disorders.

Referring GPs, Psychiatrists & Psychologists

How do I refer a patient/client?

Phone our Client Support Officer on 0412 190 842 or email us; we’re happy to follow up with your client direct.

How do I decide if this program is right for my client?

We work with people suffering from a range of mood disorders: depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, post-natal depression and PTSD. The program is not suitable for patients suffering acute psychosis and/or at immediate risk of self-harm.

What if my client needs support or becomes distressed during a class?

Our trainers have experience helping people who are struggling with depression/anxiety, and have access to advice and guidance from clinical psychologist David Gilfillan. If you would like us to stay in contact with you regarding your client’s progress we are happy to do so.